What Is The Church’s Big Mac?

The end of the semester is followed by the holidays so I just saw this post (HT: Aquila Report) discussing the declining fortunes of McDonalds restaurantsamong Millennials and comparing them to the church. The author notes “More people are wanting a customized, . . . Continue reading →

Strategic, Authentic, and Confessional (3)

In the process of revising and re-posting this series from 2007, I realized that I never finished it. In the first two parts we considered what it means for a church to be authentic and to be strategic about fulfilling the mission . . . Continue reading →

Is the Gospel Preached or Lived?

An HB Classic

Colin raised this question a while back on Unashamed Workman. He asked for comments and, as Mike had just touched on this during the WSC Missional and Reformed Conference, I piped up: Hi Colin, This business of “living the gospel” is one . . . Continue reading →

Something for the "Missional" Movement to Consider

Wes Bredenhof has a provocative post regarding the influence of Harry Boer (a theologian in the CRC who attacked aspects of the doctrine of predestination as unbiblical) on some contemporary ideas of “mission.” He writes, “In Boer’s view, mission is not so . . . Continue reading →

Missional Monday: Should Evangelism Happen Only in the Church?

As I argued at the WSC faculty conference “Missional and Reformed” the Reformed Churches have a sense of “mission.” We haven’t always been faithful to it and the Reformed understanding of the church’s mission is not that of the “missional” movement, especially . . . Continue reading →