How Would Jesus Vote (And is that an appropriate question)?

That’s the provocative question asked in a new special issue of Modern Reformation magazine. It’s so new and special that it isn’t on the website yet, but you may call them (800 890 7556) or contact them online for more info. This . . . Continue reading →

Natural Law and Light in the Reformed Confessions

One of the more interesting ways in which theonomy is contra confessional is its Barthian-like rejection of the classic Reformed doctrine of natural law and implicitly it’s skepticism regarding natural revelation.

Five Issues with the Inaugural Invocation

1. That is exists. I realize that it is tradition, but so what? Oddly, many of the same people who inveigh against  a “state church” will be thrilled that “one of our guys” gets to pray the invocation. Well, Rick isn’t exactly one . . . Continue reading →

Another Problem with the Inaugural Prayer

I’ve already listed Five Issues with the Inaugural Prayer. Now there’s a sixth. I didn’t hear or see the inaugural prayer but I have read it. One thing that Newsweek’s Lisa Miller didn’t mention is that, as part of the prayer, Warren . . . Continue reading →

World and Life View: License to Baptize?

James Bond, Agent 007, had a “license to kill.” There are Reformed folk who also seem to have “license” of some sort or other based on what they call “the Christian world and life view” (hereafter, CWLV). This concept is interesting because . . . Continue reading →

Was the Reformation a Big Misunderstanding?

This topic has arisen before on the HB. Not long ago we discovered that, contrary to some suggestions, the Pope is, in fact, not a Protestant. Before that we saw that, contrary to the assertion of Mark Noll and Carolyn Nystrom, the . . . Continue reading →