David Strain Interviews Darryl Hart

David is a Glaswegian in exile. He writes at Letters from Mississippi. Part 1 covers Old Side Presbyterianism (if you don’t know what that means, you should read this interview) and evangelism. It’s a nice follow-on to the Dever interview. There’s audio . . . Continue reading →

Caspar Olevianus on Church and Kingdom

“The Kingdom of Christ in this world is the administration of salvation by which Christ the king himself, outwardly, through the gospel and baptism, gathers to himself and calls to salvation a people or visible church (in which many hypocrites are mixed).” . . . Continue reading →

A Cultural Warrior’s Meditation for Reformation Day

A recent correspondent pointed me to a bulletin insert offered by the PCA Christian Education and Publications Committee. The theme of the insert is the “Reformation, Calvin, and Government.” There are two questions here. The first is historical, the second is pastoral . . . Continue reading →

NTW Takes a Whack at Two Kingdoms

First, critics of the “two-kingdoms” ethic should reckon with the company in which it puts them. Mike Horton explains. Could it be that they are moved by the same sets of concerns and categories of analysis or even of exegesis? Second, it . . . Continue reading →

On Precision and Latitude

Over the last year or so there seems to have been a concerted effort to discredit any sort of “two-kingdoms” (or two-spheres) approach to Reformed ethics and this despite the long-history and pedigree in Reformed theology of distinguishing between the kingdom of . . . Continue reading →