Hart Replies to Kloosterman

From the OLTS:

Nelson Kloosterman, professor of Ethics and New Testament Studies at Mid-America Reformed Seminary, is laying it on thick in a series for Christian Renewal, a Dutch-Canadian Reformed news and opinion magazine. The series is entitled, “The Bible, The Church, and the World: A Third Way.” In it, Kloosterman attempts to forge a middle ground between theonomy on the one side and two-kingdom theology on the other. Dr. K tips his hand by calling two-kingdom advocates such as Misty Irons, Meredith Kline, and D. G. Hart “religious secularists.” (”Secular” is to “secularism” what “behavior” is to “behaviorism” or what “material” is to “materialism.”) Read more»

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  1. Does Darryl Hart write anything that is not shallow and high handed?

  2. I’m still waiting for substantiation of the claim that Hart is shallow etc.

    Now, if one wants to complain about his penchant for fuschia sweaters (that’s a jumper for you Nick) we can talk about that.

    I hope you’re not too disillusioned Nick.

    • Plus, I hear he wears bow ties. I think that’s what they call, ahem, being “light in one’s loafers.” But in a metro way.

      But shallow? I’m not sure how one can at once recover the lost soul of American Protestantism and be shallow. I mean, that’s some heavy lifting for some deep-deep trenches. Heavens to murgatroyd.

      • It’s also dangerous to wear one where Scott lives. Shopping in Nordtstroms is about the only place where you can get away with a bow tie or seersucker. Life this side of the Mississippi has its advantages.

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