A Founding Father on the Two Kingdoms

Thanks to Brannan for this.

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  1. So, Philip, should the 2K slogan be a hybrid between the Nancy Reagan after-school special solution to drug abuse (“Just Say No”) and a Nike commercial (“Just Do It”)? I kinda like that.

  2. I was aiming at Nike, rather than–who? I’m not yet 30, and British. Don’t expect me to have heard of your soap opera stars. 😉

    There’s something which appeals, in a subtle and subversive way, about adapting the slogan of Nike (meaning victory) for a theological position which proclaims something quite different from the world’s conception of victory.

  3. Philip,

    Yes, counter-intuition is the best thing in the whole wide world.

    Maybe some anti-Bull Durham instead of Nancy Reagan (she was Ronald Reagan’s wife; he was one of our presidents in the 80s):”Don’t build it and they will come.” Oops, sorry, more 80s American coming out.

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