Another Problem with the Inaugural Prayer

I’ve already listed Five Issues with the Inaugural Prayer. Now there’s a sixth. I didn’t hear or see the inaugural prayer but I have read it. One thing that Newsweek’s Lisa Miller didn’t mention is that, as part of the prayer, Warren . . . Continue reading →

Problems with the Presidential Prayer Breakfast

Let me be clear: I am not opposed to presidents, prayer, or breakfast. I’m not opposed to praying presidents having breakfast. I’m not opposed to prayer before breakfast. All these are good things. The annual presidential prayer breakfast, however, is more than . . . Continue reading →

A Reminder Of Why We Should Not Long For A State Church

The United States of America, for all her greatness, is not the “my people” of 2 Chronicles 7:14. That people was God’s temporary, national people Israel. That national covenant expired at the cross. Since that time God has had no national people, though many have thought and apparently still think that they must be God’s special, national people. God made that promise to national Israel not the USA or to any other civil people. The USA has no more standing before God, as a national people, than pagan Rome or the “Holy Roman Empire,” neither of which exist any longer. Continue reading →