Five Issues with the Inaugural Invocation

1. That is exists. I realize that it is tradition, but so what? Oddly, many of the same people who inveigh against  a “state church” will be thrilled that “one of our guys” gets to pray the invocation. Well, Rick isn’t exactly one . . . Continue reading →

We're Talking About Practice; Not a Game, Not A Game, Not a Game

CNN has the story (HT: RNS).  The ban still must pass the French Senate before it becomes law. This is a complicated issue. On the one hand the burqa (full body covering) and the niqab (partial face covering) are religious and political . . . Continue reading →

Berger: Is Religion Like Pornography?

In a broader context what this means is the privatization (or, if you will, the domestication) of religion. There is an underlying, unspoken (perhaps unconscious) assumption: Religion is okay if engaged in by consenting adults in private, not so if it spills . . . Continue reading →