Audio: Hart Being Faithful in a Secular World

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  1. Scott,

    Love the new site. Looks great! Good to fellowship with you in Geneva last month. Thanks for setting forth a warm and winsome approach to the Reformed Faith on this blog. – JDP

  2. For anybody who has just started reading D.G. Hart (like myself) this interview is worth listening to. Dever has a blunt and to the point approach in his questioning which seemed to keep Hart on his toes. I thought it was very engaging and interesting to listen to. I just finished Hart’s Deconstructing Evangelicalism and am about 3/4 of the way through The Lost Soul of American Protestantism. I am about to submerged myself into A Secular Faith and have read Seeking a Better Country. I am now probably going to have to get his Nevin and Machen books. Also, the interview got me interested in Wendall Berry’s books.

    I was not aware of Hart’s Baptist, evangelical roots and his bad experiences with his parents (who were graduates of Bob Jones University) insisting that he go out on evangelistic endevours. This did not sit well with him and it gives you some insight into his problems with evangelicalism. I have mentioned elsewhere that reading Hart is liking reading Kafka to those who have been deeply indoctrinated in the evangelical view of reality. His books hit you like the suicide of your best friend. They have a way of shaking up your world- especially if you spent a lot of time in evangelical, growth or emerging type Church’s.

    • I think this is the best interview DG has ever done – at least that I’ve heard. I really enjoyed it. This is an interview that is well worth hearing.

  3. Since Zrim told me once that he felt that reading me initially was like reading pornography, I’ll take the Kafka comparison as an upgrade.

  4. Not sure Kafka is an upgrade; wasn’t “Methamorphosis” about a guy waking up as a cockroach?

  5. DGH,

    You’re forgetting that porn makes sense and Kafka not so much. I mean, a cockroach as a lawyer? I’m with Richard.

  6. Yeah, the one thing about porn–it is rather clarifying in its own way, isn’t it? I mean, until recently you didn’t have college classes deconstructing Playboy–Kafka, yes. I vote for the porn analogy when it comes to reading DGH; it gives you the shivers, as well. Kafka is like bad drugs.

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