Congratulations to WSC Grads Lenzner and VanderPol


From left to right: Mark VanderPol, Christ URC elder Roy Lopez, Rev. Mike Brown, and Brad Lenzner.

Congratulations to Mark and Brad (and their patient wives) who sustained rigorous examinations as candidates for the pastoral ministry in Classis Southwest of the United Reformed Churches. Brad and Mark are both interns at Christ URC in Santee, CA. Brad has also been in Oceanside URC (Carlsbad, CA) and Mark was raised in the Escondido URC. They are now eligible to receive a pastoral call in the URCs. Mark has already begun work on a possible church plant in Gig Harbor, WA. Interested consistories and others may contact them through their consistory at Christ URC. Yesterday was day 1 of a two-day classis meeting and today we have two more WSC grads to examine as candidates for pastoral ministry. Please pray that they sustain their exams and are able to enter into ministry quickly. The harvest is great but laborers are few.

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    • Mike is just to the left of Brad. I’m sorry but I don’t know the other fellow. I believe he’s on the consistory at Christ URC. That congregation has grown so quickly that I’ve not met a lot of the newer members or council members.

  1. The other gentleman who is partially hidden by Rev. Brown is Roy Lopez one of CURC’s elders.

  2. Congrats to both Mark and Brad. I have witnessed in each of them a zealous love for God’s Word and His people and am jealous for whichever congregations they serve.

  3. When my wife and I visited WSC, Mark VanderpPol (Now Pastor VanderPol) gave us the most gracious treatment and I knew there that he would make a great pastor. I’m glad now that the Lord has now made him one.

  4. Congrats indeed. Who is this Stephen fellow? Stephen from TacomaCRC? Jus wondering, my pastor said a “Stephen” came from our CRC to a CA URC.god Bless.

  5. Sorry. Wrong Stephen. I was a classmates on these fine gentlemen and graduated WSC in ’08.

  6. Congrats classmates! It was a pleasure studying with you. And thanks again Mark for your help at our wedding. I’m sure the Lord will bless many through your ministries.
    phil sipe

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