Jon Moersch’s Ordination

jonsordinationWSC graduate and long-time member of Oceanside United Reformed Church, Jonathan Moersch was ordained to Word and sacrament ministry this past Lord’s Day. The Rev Mr Moersch has been called by the congregation to plant a Reformed Church in the South Orange County area. He writes regularly at Detergere. Jon’s late father was a founding member of OURC and an elder. His mom (Sondra), grandmother (Nini), and wife Kristen are good and godly women who bless us every Lord’s Day in a variety of ways. Jon and Kristen are blessed with two beautiful children. He has been a member of the congregation since the beginning. We’ve watched him grow up, and waited for this moment for a long time. God still raises up Timothys. It was also wonderful of the Rev Mr Michael Brown, another founding member of OURC, to travel up from Santee (after preaching there!) to participate in the ordination.

Michael Spotts is a gifted photographer who attends OURC. He has posted some terrific photos from the ordination and the life of the congregation. Thanks Mike!

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