A Little More on Defining "Reformed"

Recovering the Reformed Confession

In response to the “Who or What Gets to Define ‘Reformed’?” post and others like it, some have argued that if the definition of Reformed includes a certain (paedobaptist) view of Baptism then it should also include a certain polity. Some have . . . Continue reading →

P&R Polity Is Not Perfect But It Is Preferable To The Others

In the last few weeks there has been published, on social media, some fairly stinging comments about the problems inherent with way confessional Presbyterian and Reformed (hereafter P&R) churches govern themselves. These comments seem mainly to born of frustration with the way . . . Continue reading →

Peace And Purity Provided By Authority: John Thomson’s Defense Of Presbyterian Church Polity (Part 3): Historical Background

The American Presbyterian Church was formed on the soil of the New World and the conflicts it experienced were the growing pains of a young church. At the time of the first presbytery, the three main branches of Scottish Presbyterianism in the . . . Continue reading →