The NW Presbytery and Peter Leithart (1)

The doctrinal rubber meets the ecclesiastical road today. Pray. 

Update. No word from Rev Stellman, but a comment on the post says that the majority report, support Pete Leithart was sustained.

Update #2. The majority report arguing that Leithart’s views are within the bounds of the confession was sustained.

Update #3. Next up: An appeal to the PCA GA on the basis of the minority report. Let’s hope that the Nine Points adopted by the GA were not just theoretical.

Minority Report.

Majority Report. (HT: Dan Kok)

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  1. Rob Rayburn wrote the majority report and I wrote the minority report, with the exception of the second section (on baptism) and the third appendix, which were written by RE Robert Roglund, an elder at Rayburn’s church in Tacoma.

  2. Thanks. I just spoke with my father-in-law and he confirmed it was Rayburn who authored it. My father-in-law was a member at Faith for almost 15 years and I have many good friends there. He said a good number on the on the session are not on the same page with Rayburn regarding his view of covenant succession and paedocommunion, yet their are still unified on many things. Hence, the minority report by Bob Rogland, who I believe has at least one graduate degree in theology.

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