Recovering: The RHB Deal of the Month!

 It’s the Reformation Heritage Books Deal of the Month for October for only $15.00. Click on the image to order.

J. Lim has quotations at Reformed Blogging.

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  1. Dr. Clark,
    You wouldn’t happen to be willing to trade a copy of “Recovering the Reformed” confession for some Wodehouse books would you?

  2. RHB is only a half hour from me. Extra money that could be used for books is many hours from me. I’ll go see if I can convince one of my friends to buy it for me.

    Inter library loan has annoying pressure to it. I read to understand and I don’t like beating away those who are waiting for the book. Also Having 5 children increases the probability of the book being marred. I’ve trained them well to respect books but…

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