The FV Making Inroads in E. Europe?

One of our graduates, a Reformed pastor and church planter in the Mediterranean region, pointed me today to a troubling blog. The Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC) is planting congregations in Europe, exporting the FV to Europe, and attempting to recruit . . . Continue reading →

It Takes One to Know One

Wes White is a penitent ex-federal visionary. He’s engaged in a serious struggle in his PCA presbytery with Federal Visionists and they’ve pulled out all the stops to try to shut him up by complaining in the courts of the church against . . . Continue reading →

Greg Looked Behind The Curtain: You Should Too

I’m not so sure the FV folk haven’t maintained unity between Moscow and Birmingham. The connections are still there….. So who is the Davenant Trust? Of the five board members two (Rick and Bradford (M.A., New Saint Andrews College) Littlejohn, father and . . . Continue reading →

Straight Out Of Münster

I think I first read about “web logs” about 1995, when I was teaching at Wheaton College. Then they were the domain of people writing about what they had for breakfast. They were daily, public journals where people recorded online their most . . . Continue reading →