Greg Looked Behind The Curtain: You Should Too

I’m not so sure the FV folk haven’t maintained unity between Moscow and Birmingham. The connections are still there…..

So who is the Davenant Trust? Of the five board members two (Rick and Bradford (M.A., New Saint Andrews College) Littlejohn, father and son, if I recall correctly) are Muscovites; one is (Steven Wedgeworth) a CREC pastor and a fourth, Peter Escalante, co-founded The Calvinist International with Wedgeworth.

From The Calvinist International website: “Originally the brainchild of Dr. Bradford Littlejohn, the Davenant Trust came together after the completion of 2013 Convivium Calvinisticum. While the Davenant Trust is independent from TCI, it exists in an obvious partnership with TCI, and most of its board members are regular TCI contributors. Most importantly, the goals and vision of the Davenant Trust are wholly complementary with those of TCI….”

Is Carl Trueman aware of these connections? (He’s an “advisor” to the Davenant Trust.)

…if you read the list of Davenant’s contributors (not $), the Trinity House “fellows” are all absent. Seems the plan was to set up a more moderate, “kumbaya” public face for the FV, in order to create a popular but controlled platform for marketing their (re)vision of sound Christian doctrine. It seems what Davenant would have the public believe is they are not associated in any way with Leithart & Co. For me that is not credible. But then I cheated and looked behind the curtain.

—Greg’s comments on D. G. Hart, “Should Federal Visionaries Model the Protestant the Protestant Future?” Here and here (More on the self-described Federal Vision Movement)

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  1. Today I noticed that for the past few months Reformation21 has been publishing Brad Littlejohn; see Are we to understand they’ve decided to give a platform to an FV apologist/supporter? Say it ain’t so… And with a seven-man advisory board including Carl Trueman, Danny Hyde, and Nick Batzig, too.

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