Confessional Nitty Gritty: Animus Imponentis

Animus imponentis means, “the spirit of adopting,” the the OPC Presbytery of Northern California and Nevada is holding a conference in February ’09 to talk about it (HT: Creed or Chaos). This is an important topic. We need confessions and they need . . . Continue reading →

It’s More Than A Semantic Difference

I do not forget that some of the respected and beloved brethren, who are regarded as the advocates of the doctrines alluded to, tell us continually that they believe substantially as we believe; that the difference between them and us is chiefly, . . . Continue reading →

Progress Or Regress?

So, since our 1973 founding, the PCA has “progressed” from “committed without reservation” to our Standards, to a “good faith subscription” approach that has opened the PCA’s door to paedocommunion, intinction, female pseudo-officers, Federal Vision, theistic evolution (e.g., Biologos), et al, all . . . Continue reading →

From “Insofar As” To “Good Faith:” The Slope To The Mainline

Introduction There is what PCA RE Brad Isbell calls a “quiet crisis” in the PCA. PCA TE Jon Payne says “the future doesn’t look good for the PCA.” The presenting issue just now is so-called “Side B” or “Gay Christianity.” On this . . . Continue reading →

We Subscribe

The Reformation was above all a doctrinal reform in the life of the church. Throughout the Middle Ages, calls for reform had primarily been concerned with the moral life of the church. The Reformation certainly resulted in profound moral and spiritual renewal . . . Continue reading →