More From Hart on the Enns Controversy and the Auburn Affirmation

From a comment at the GB discussion: …The trouble is whether people will read, let alone try to understand, their answers. Believe it or not, Calvin and Old Princeton were pretty careful not to equate inerrancy with a scientific understanding of the . . . Continue reading →

Two Great Resources from Modern Reformation and White Horse Inn

The latest issue of Modern Reformation magazine is dedicated to the question of the nature of Scripture, particularly touching the question of inspiration and inerrancy. The issue features articles by Mike Horton, “God’s Word in Human Words,” and “The Truthfulness of Scripture”, Michael . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours Special: WSC 30th Anniversary Round Table on Scripture (Update)

UPDATE March 16, 2010 If you’re subscribed to Office Hours in iTunes the latest episode should now be available. We had a (Microsoft induced) technical glitch but that has been repaired. If you’re not seeing the latest episode refresh Office Hours in . . . Continue reading →

The Anti-Canonical Spirit Of American Religion

A canon is a rule, a measure, an objective standard by which things are measured. A canon is also a limit. Americans have never been particularly fond of limits. We are a busy, restless people always pushing the boundaries. Every school child . . . Continue reading →