Two Great Resources from Modern Reformation and White Horse Inn

The latest issue of Modern Reformation magazine is dedicated to the question of the nature of Scripture, particularly touching the question of inspiration and inerrancy. The issue features articles by Mike Horton, “God’s Word in Human Words,” and “The Truthfulness of Scripture”, Michael Allen, “Getting Inspiration from Inspiration,” Paul Helm, “The Self-Attestation of Scripture,” and David Wells, “The Aftermath: Looking Back at the Chicago Statement” among others. There’s an essay on textual criticism and a roundtable discussion with Mike Horton, Donald Richmond, and Michael (the iMonk) Spencer.

Closely related to this issue, the most recent episode of the White Horse Inn is a terrific primer on the doctrine of revelation. They did a terrific job of explaining why we confess that God has revealed himself both in nature and in Scripture and how those two sources of revelation are related.  I subscribe to several podcasts but I never miss the WHI.

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