Sovereign Consumer vs the Sovereign God

Chris Gordon has been “off-roading” lately and has made some interesting discoveries about the nature of late-modern evangelical worship.

Reformed folk shouldn’t cluck too much. A good bit of what Chris describes here can be found in not a few ostensibly “Reformed” congregations. They may be more “conservative” but what are they conserving? Are they just a little more conservative in their application of what is fundamentally the same principle of worship or are they operating with an essentially different principle of worship? If the latter, then our services should look more like Geneva than Saddleback. If not, then we are no different from Saddleback or Willow Creek or the Crystal Cathedral—which, by the way, is actually more conservative of the Reformed liturgical tradition than many of the ostensibly more “conservative” and “evangelical” churches I’ve seen.

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  1. Dr. Clark:

    I learned leadership here. Semper Fi to any former Marines reading this.

    “We never lost our nerve.”

    Let us proactively “Confess” our faith with those grand, great, accurate, and powerful “Confessions.”

    Fear just “ain’t” in the vocabulary. “Inch-by-inch, foot-by-foot-, yard-by-yard, forward for there will be no retreat.” USMC General, Guadacanal.

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