Risking the Truth

Martin Downes is one of my favorite writers. He writes daily at Against Heresies. Sometime back he did a series of interviews with several theologians/historians. That collection, Risking the Truth, is to appear this March. It features interviews with Mark Dever, Carl Trueman, . . . Continue reading →

New in The Bookstore at WSC: Risking the Truth

A collection of interviews on handling truth and error in the church. Contributors reflect on this issue in relation to the minister‘s own life, pulpit ministry, local church leadership, seminary training, denominations, the impact of the academy, Evangelicalism, contemporary trends, history, creeds . . . Continue reading →

Packer’s Involvement in ECT Didn’t "Just Happen"

It had a precedent that goes back to 1970. Many American evangelicals were caught by surprise by J I Packer’s involvement with and defense of Evangelicals and Catholics Together. The first ECT was vague, misleading, and even gobsmacking. The second was, for . . . Continue reading →

The Catholicity of the Reformed Faith and Its Evangelical Counterparts

Recently Mark Driscoll and Gerry Brashears published a survey of basic Christian teaching. Martin Downes has been helpfully evaluating their account of the doctrine of Christ. It is interesting to see the way two ostensibly “Reformed” writers handle a matter of catholic . . . Continue reading →