The Directory Of Publick Worship On Christmas

Festival days, vulgarly called holy-days, having no warrant in the Word of God, are not to be continued. —Westminster Assembly, Directory for Publick Worship (1645) (HT: Semper Reformanda)

The Christmas Story As You’ve Never Heard It Before

When we think of Christmas, we probably don’t think of Genesis 19 and Lot’s daughters. It’s one of the more difficult stories in Scripture. It’s an ugly story of doubt and worse. As Pastor Gordon notes, in this sermon, some have said . . . Continue reading →

A Merry Christmas Story Of Abounding Grace

If things are quiet in your house today, you might find it encouraging to listen to the interview I did with my pastor and friend, Chris Gordon, for his broadcast, Abounding Grace Radio. We discussed some of the challenges that Christians face this Christmas . . . Continue reading →

Advent As War

The Western world is on a fast track to outright paganism. And yet, for now at least, a semblance of the advent story has been left in tact. We still have a baby in a manger, a guiding star, amazed shepherds and . . . Continue reading →