Whence Liberalism and What to Do About It

Right now we’re battling ants. To fight them one must follow the trail back to the nest. Martin does just that with certain sorts of theological pests. One remedy is to insist that ministers hold to (subscribe) a confession of faith fully and unequivocally and to insist that, should they find themselves unable, they should resign rather than to cross their fingers when subscribing.

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  1. From Martin’s Link:

    “…not content with opening three colleges, in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen…her theological students would not deem their course complete, or their standing in the Church assured, without a postgraduate course of one or more years in one of the more famous Colleges in Germany.

    From that folly, the product of spiritual pride, the Free Church was to reap a bitter harvest. Germany then was the nursery of Liberal theology, which was spreading like prairie fire through the Protestant Churches of Europe. (Reformed Theological Writings, p. 195)”
    – R. A. Finlayson

    Consider for a moment what sort of academic credentials are most likely to lead to faculty appointments at Evangelical and even Reformed Seminaries.

    Clearly we have yet to learn this lesson.

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