Can WTS/P Put the Genie Back?

It might not be as easy as some think.

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  1. Dr. Clark,

    I have a question for you. This article you link to quotes Machen:

    J. Gresham Machen. In 1929 at the seminary’s first convocation Machen elaborated the cause of the new school:

    Westminster Seminary will endeavor . . . not on a foundation of equivocation and compromise but on an honest foundation of devotion to God’s Word, to maintain the same principles that old Princeton maintained. We believe, first, that the Christian religion, as it is set forth in the Confession of Faith of the Presbyterian church, is true;

    Being that you are a minister in the URC, that means you subscribe to the 3 Forms of Unity, Right? As a seminary professor at Westminster, do you also subscribe to the Westminster Standards? Are you allowed to have any exceptions to it as a professor? And if so, do you have any?

    Just curious. Reading that quote made me think of this and being that most of the ministers in my denomination are being trained at your seminary, I’m wondering about the requirements for the professors.

    Thanks a bunch!



  2. At WSC faculty subscribe to six Reformed confessional standards, the Westminster Standards and the Three Forms of Unity. We do not see them in tension. Most all of the alleged areas of tension are over-stated.

    I do not take exception to anything in the Three Forms or the Westminster Standards.

    You can see several posts on this topic here.

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