Progress Or Regress?

So, since our 1973 founding, the PCA has “progressed” from “committed without reservation” to our Standards, to a “good faith subscription” approach that has opened the PCA’s door to paedocommunion, intinction, female pseudo-officers, Federal Vision, theistic evolution (e.g., Biologos), et al, all of which depart from the Scriptures and the Standards.

—Bob Mattes, “A Tale Of Two Letters

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  1. “The PCA has become a tribal congregationalist denomination where particular errors find toleration in specific presbyteries that remain unaccountable to the denomination as a whole.”

    Once the Standards no longer have the real role as a binding (read – discipline) confession of faith for the church they then become the equivilant of a “living constitution.” And looking over last 60 years of the civil kingdom judicial landscape of the U.S. one can see were that leads…

    As one of my grandsons once said to my wife when she couldn’t get a video to work, “Mimi, not good…”

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