New HB Resource Page On LGBTQ And Revoice

In our never-ending quest to make the resources of the Heidelblog easily accessible we have created a new resource page devoted to LGBTQ issues, Revoice and so-called “Side-B” (Gay) Christianity.

Here is the resource: Resources On LGBTQ And Revoice.

The HB Resource Page contains many other resource pages, which themselves lead to more resources.

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  1. Central Georgia Presbytery of the PCA just passed an overture to ask the General Assembly to assume jurisdiction of the Greg Johnson/Revoice case. In essence this means that the presbytery believes that the Missouri Presbytery’s ruling on Johnson, which was tantamount to a broad exoneration, was in error. If at least one other presbytery does the same, original jurisdiction will then move to the General Assembly, or really functionally the Standing Judicial Committee (SJC). The wheels turn slowly in presbyterianism (and that by design), but they are still turning on this issue. I only post this here to encourage other readers who have expressed concern in the past that nothing is being done.

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