Resources On LGBTQ And Revoice

Audio and Video

  1. Rosaria Butterfield’s Alternative To Revoice
  2. Rosaria Butterfield: From Victim To Guest: Sexuality, Intersectionality, and Hospitality
  3. AGR Audio: Rosaria Butterfield—From Victim To Guest
  4. Heidelcast 135: Calls About Bears, Corporate Repentance, Revoice, FV, And A Poll (UPDATED)
  5. With Presbycast On Same-Sex Attraction, Side B, And Concupiscence
  6. Audio: Bob Godfrey On How Christians Ought To Respond To Same-Sex Marriage


  1. “Homosexual” And “Homosexuality” In The New Testament
  2. All Welcome. No Exceptions.
  3. You’ve Been Invited To A [Fill In The Blank]: Should You Go?
  4. Straight Talk About Homophobia
  5. Homosexual Desire Is Also Sin
  6. Rosaria Butterfield: Believers Are Not Defined By Their Sins
  7. Revoice, Nashville, And The Therapeutic Revolution
  8. Gagnon: Revoice Is About Self-Affirmation Not Repentance
  9. On Jesus, Assumptions, Temptation, And Speculation
  10. It Was Not So From The Beginning: What Nature And Grace Teach Us About SSA
  11. Gay Christians?
  12. Same-Sex Attraction Is Not A Means of Grace
  13. Therapy, Sin, and Shame
  14. Is Persisting Sin Our Identity And May We Offer It To God?
  15. May Churches In Oregon Be Sued For Refusing To Host LGBTQ Weddings? It Depends
  16. Did God Make Mayor Pete Gay?
  17. They Are Coming For Your Children
  18. Christians To Be Made To Stop Calling Homosexuality Sin?
  19. Presbyterians And Homosexuals Together: The Crisis Of Christ And Culture
  20. The Michael Sam Case: Is Being Homosexual The Same As Being Black?
  21. Rational Responses To Attacks From Advocates Of Homosexual Marriage
  22. The Judgment Of An Apostolic Father On Homosexuality
  23. Foucault: Homosexuality Is A Social Construct
  24. Why Equality is the Wrong Category By Which to Analyze Homosexual Marriage
  25. R. Scott Clark Opposes Homosexual Marriage
  26. All Sins Are Not Alike: Porneia, Chastity, And Wisdom
  27. St Paul’s “Vile Speech”
  28. Paul Cites Homosexual Behavior As Proof of Natural Law
  29. The Theological Roots of Resurgent Homosexuality
  30. American College Of Pediatricians: Children Need Heterosexual Parents
  31. American College of Pediatricians: No One is Born Homosexual
  32. So What? How Does Homosexual Marriage Affect Me?
  33. How to React to Homosexuals in the Congregation?
  34. Natural Law, the Two Kingdoms, and Homosexual Marriage
  35. On Jesus, Assumptions, Temptation, And Speculation
  36. Homosexuality: Untethered From Natural Law
  37. It is Not Heroic To Be A Celibate Homosexual
  38. Bakersfield School Board Member Resigns:What It Means
  39. What Happens After The End Of Nature?
  40. Opposing Same-Sex Marriage Not Like Opposing Inter-Racial Marriage
  41. What Is At Stake In The “Gender” Debate?
  42. Half-Way Down The Slippery Slope
  43. In The Middle Of The Slippery Slope
  44. Pay No Attention To That Slippery Slope Behind The Curtain
  45. It Was A Slippery Slope
  46. If It’s News Is it Still A Slippery Slope?
  47. The Normalization Of Pedophilia Approaches
  48. What The Gay Pride Movement Should Know About God’s Rainbow
  49. What Was A Comedy Sketch Is Now Daily Life In The USA
  50. Why You Should Not Let Hollywood Catechize Your Children
  51. Sympathy for Angus
  52. The Tyranny Of The New State-Religion: Incoherence
  53. Follow The Money: Opponents Of Religious Liberty Spending Large Sums
  54. The World Was Made To Be Known And You Were Made To Know It
  55. PCA Presbytery Objects To ‘Post-Freudian Blather’
  56. A Scholar Talks Honestly About Academic Freedom And The Transgender Phenomenon
  57. Between Pearls And Privatization
  58. Documentary: Chicago BLM Crushes Congregation And Deli Over LGBTQ Agenda
  59. Trueman: A New Pastoral Problem
  60. The Queering Of The Zoomers
  61. Mark Tooley, Theological Liberalism And Drag Queens In The Church
  62. Has The United States Army Declared Your Congregation An “Extremist Organization”?
  63. The Apotheosis And The Emperor’s New Clothes
  64. Alan Giles, That Beautiful Bow
  65. Chris Gordon, Should Christians Redeem The Rainbow?

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