Gagnon: Revoice Is About Self-Affirmation Not Repentance

The second of my “Seven Concerns” about Revoice and the Spiritual Friendship movement is their unwise adoption of ungodly terminology:

The adoption of terminology for self-identity that cannot be sanctified and inevitably brings in the whole “LGBTQ” baggage (“sexual minority,” “gay,” “transgender”). This terminology is normally associated with self-affirmation rather than sin and switches the obligation of the church from a call for repentance and restoration to a call for inclusion and diversity and celebrates what should be mortified. The fact that evangelical proponents of the “sexual minority” language are unwilling to use it of those with a pedophilic or polyamorist orientation should tell us all something.

Robert Gagnon, PhD (August 17, 2018; HT: Brad Isbell)

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  1. Dr. Gagnon articulates the problem so well, the self identification of LGBTQ switches the role of the church from calling for repentance to that of inclusion and even celebration of that which should be mortified. But I wonder if Dr. Gagnon is not overly optimistic, in thinking that pedophilic or polyamorist orientations will remain beyond the pale of acceptance among evangelical proponents of “sexual minority” language.

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