What The Gay Pride Movement Should Know About God’s Rainbow

This past weekend the city of San Diego celebrated Gay Pride Day, supported by tax-funded civil agencies announcing their support. It seems like a good time to think again about one of the central symbols adopted by the Gay Rights movement, the rainbow.


This last Friday is already designated as one of the most historic victories in our nation’s history as a divided Supreme Court on Friday ruled that same-sex couples can now marry nationwide. This landmark opinion, as it’s being described, now opens the door for all gay and lesbian couples to have legally recognized marriages in all fifty states. As soon as the announcement was made, gay and lesbian couples swarmed the streets with victory cries. In short order, President Obama unequivocally spoke of the decision as a victory for America. Within just a few hours, America itself seemed to be enveloped with the symbol of gay pride: the rainbow.

Within the last twenty four hours, the rainbow has appeared everywhere. I’ve seen pictures of the White House painted with the colors of a rainbow. Silicon Valley companies are implementing all sorts of creative ways to use the rainbow as a sign of victory for the decision. Facebook has declared a celebration allowing members to add a rainbow filter to their profile picture to make clear those who support the decision. Twitter has added a rainbow heart icon with the hash tag: Love wins. From Google to Starbucks to AT&T, the rainbow has become the new flag for America, from sea to shining sea, America is now draped with the rainbow.

The rainbow was popularized as an official symbol of the gay community in the early 1970s. The accepted designation for each color of the rainbow is believed to have originated when a San Francisco artist, Gilbert Baker designed the gay pride flag as having six stripes, each one having its own meaning: red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for art, and violet for the human spirit.

As I watch people adopt the rainbow as a sign of victory for the gay rights movement, I find myself, as a Christian, deeply concerned over what these people are doing with the rainbow. Do they know the greater history of the rainbow? Do people understand why God gave this beautiful bow in the sky? Do they have any idea what they are saying to the God who dwells “somewhere over” that rainbow? Read more»

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    • Fikret,

      Yes, I saw this. Symbolic of what Geneva has become. Rousseau is much more representative of what Geneva became than Calvin. When we were there is 2009 it was as if aliens had descended. There was a huge Gay Pride parade. They were happy, of course, to make money off of the Calvinist tourists and amazed that there are still Calvinists. It was quite a culture clash.

    • You don’t welcome comments from any of the billion who believe in a different god or not at all: very manipulative.
      I don’t care if you don’t publish this. However you are reading it. You put in direct quotes (I assume) from the Bible but there is not one against homosexuality. Why? I read this as heterosexual men committing plural marriage (if they married all those woman. Otherwise just breaking vows if they are married. If not, then multiple partners). More important: why —this you did quote: why did god kill all the animals and creeping things and birds? We’re they all guilty of sins? And then why choose two of each —are those the only two who weren’t evil or just lucky? Why did he need the animals to propagate in the future after the flood? Couldn’t he just createt them again? Why even keep Noah? Surely there were plenty of people who were still righteous; not everyone was a sinner. So god takes the easy way out instead of finding who are good and who are not and finding s different way to destroy them?
      Seems pretty lazy for a god who supposedly can do anything.

      And by the way, the rainbow has been used by so many different people all over the world for different reasons, not just gay pride. How about the kids’ toy My Favorite Pony?
      Also Jesus was Jewish. A new religion was started by those who wanted to elevate him. He didn’t start a religion. He was Jewish when he was killed and Jewish afterward.
      Oh yeah and I take offense to the line “ love of death” —are you kidding me?

      And: the gay rainbow is not upside down. Where did you get that? It’s a lie to make your point.

      I feel sorry for all the poor sheep who can’t think for themselves and instead of teaching them how to, you fill their minds with stories and with fear.

      And by the way I am not gay, but I support all people choosing to love who they want in whatever way makes them happy.

      Comment, as long as you agree with me. Ha!

      • Dear Rayna,

        The New Testament is quite clear about the sin of homosexuality. Take a look at this essay that not only quotes the NT accurate but also explains it in its original context, from its original language (Greek). The historic Christian position is well grounded in the New Testament.


        This interview with Rosaria Butterfield is edifying. She identified as a Lesbian for several years. The Lord Jesus brought her to faith and eventually enabled to see her Lesbianism as indwelling sin to be mortified.


        It’s a remarkable story.

        Jesus was very clear about his self-conception, that he is God the Son incarnate and thus the only way to the Father and to heaven: “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6; ESV). The Apostle Peter said the same thing: “And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12; ESV).

        Unlike the founders of the other world religions, Jesus is the only one actually did anything about it. He alone was our obedient substitute. He alone died, was raised for our justification, is seated at the right hand of the Father, and is coming to judge the nations.

        Won’t you recognize your need (as we all must do) and trust him now?

        Happy to talk any time.


  1. “Do they know the greater history of the rainbow? Do people understand why God gave this beautiful bow in the sky? Do they have any idea what they are saying to the God who dwells “somewhere over” that rainbow?” No, they don’t and they’ve co-opted it for their own vile and abominable designs but they will have to answer for it.

  2. The adoption of the rainbow as a symbol of homosexual pride is evidence of God handing the wicked over to such a blindness that they foolishly elevate this symbol without realising it is directly related to God’s global wrath against evil and proof of their pending eternal judgement unless they repent.

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