Pastor Chris Thinks that RRC is the Answer

Chris Gordon is a URC pastor in Washington State who is seeing that the children (and the grandchildren) of the boomers aren’t all that different from their Narcissistic parents (and grandparents). The Reformed churches aren’t untainted by Narcissism. He says that RRC . . . Continue reading →

Abounding Grace Radio: How To Choose A Church (1)

With Chris Gordon

Chris Gordon is not only a dear friend and my pastor at Escondido URC but he also hosts a daily radio program, Abounding Grace Radio. So, other than preaching twice most Lord’s Days, hosting a daily radio program, counseling, teaching a catechism class, . . . Continue reading →

Abounding Grace: Godfrey On Evangelism

Bob Godfrey joined Chris Gordon last week to record two episodes of AGR. Bob is president of Westminster Seminary California and a convert to the Christian faith who came to faith through the ministry of a Reformed congregation. You can read his . . . Continue reading →

A Merry Christmas Story Of Abounding Grace

If things are quiet in your house today, you might find it encouraging to listen to the interview I did with my pastor and friend, Chris Gordon, for his broadcast, Abounding Grace Radio. We discussed some of the challenges that Christians face this Christmas . . . Continue reading →

A Match Made From Heaven

Chris Gordon is the preaching pastor of the Escondido United Reformed Church. my pastor and the host of Abounding Grace Radio. He preaches God’s Word faithfully and graciously each week. This exposition of Genesis 29 is a fine example and an encouraging declaration . . . Continue reading →

How To Choose A Church

Most of us at some point shall have to choose a church. Are they all the same? No. How on earth does one? On what basis? In my experience people use a variety of criteria, not all of them good. Families choose congregations . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast 95: Reformation Happens


As you read this the churches, the theology, piety, and practice represented by confessionally Reformed and Presbyterian Churches is almost statistically invisible. Of the 60 million evangelicals in North America only a tiny fraction actually identify with the confessional Reformed and Presbyterian churches . . . Continue reading →

With Abounding Grace Radio On Justification By Grace Alone, Through Faith Alone

When Scripture uses the verb “to justify” (δικαιόω) as it does in Romans 3:20, “wherefore out of the works of the law will no flesh be justified before he, for through the law comes the knowledge of sin,” it means to say, . . . Continue reading →

AGR: Christianity And Liberalism

It was a pleasure to join Chris Gordon recently to talk about one of my favorite books, Christianity and Liberalism. Published in 1923, it became Machen’s most well-known work. In it he lays out briefly but clearly the difference between Christianity as . . . Continue reading →

Audio: With Chris Gordon And AGR On Replacement Theology

Covenant theology is unknown to most American evangelical Christians. Others, however, are regularly warned (usually by Dispensational pastors and teachers) about the dangers of “replacement theology.” They allege that the Reformed churches teach that the church has “replaced” Israel in God’s plan. . . . Continue reading →

AGR on Romans: The Power of God For Salvation (1)

With this episode/broadcast Chris Gordon and I begin a series in the book of Romans for Abounding Grace Radio. Romans is one of the greatest resources available to the Christian faith and life. Written in the mid-to late AD 50s to the . . . Continue reading →