AGR: The Christian’s Continual Struggle with Sin (Part 1)

It was my pleasure to fill-in for Chris Gordon on Abounding Grace Radio this week. On Monday we broadcast a sermon on Romans 13. In that message I tried to help the congregation read Romans 13 against the social-political background of the Roman Empire and Nero’s life and Paul’s martyrdom for the gospel. Tuesday–Friday we broadcast a 4-part series on Romans 7: “The Christian’s Continual Struggle Against Sin.” Here is part 1 of the series.

As noted earlier this week, AGR has a new website. Of course, we are still working out some of the kinks so the RSS (subscription) and podcast features and the mobile site are still under development but the new site allows you to find broadcasts. There is a treasure of material here since Chris has been doing a daily radio broadcast for 12 years.

You can also find the series “The Christian’s Continual Struggle With Sin” in the HB media archive.

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