Abounding Grace: Godfrey On Evangelism

Abounding GraceBob Godfrey joined Chris Gordon last week to record two episodes of AGR. Bob is president of Westminster Seminary California and a convert to the Christian faith who came to faith through the ministry of a Reformed congregation. You can read his story in An Unexpected Journey. You might also be interested in a collection of essays published in celebration of Bob’s career, Always Reformed.

Chris and Bob discuss what evangelism is, its challenges, and its importance. These episodes were recorded before an audience at the Escondido United Reformed Church at the conclusion of their week of community outreach, Family Ties.


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  1. Dr. Clark,
    Sorry, but the links to Dr. Godfrey’s presentations on evangelism
    are not functional.

  2. I listened to this and really enjoyed it. It’s comforting just hearing Dr. Godfrey’s voice, let alone his wisdom. I especially liked how they discussed convincing “good” people that they’re sinners and how to do that without coming across as if to them we’re saying that we’re better than them. We’ve all heard that line from unbelievers, “You Christians think you’re better than everyone.” I always pause and say, uh, no, that’s why we need Jesus, because we’re not better, good or anything near such.

  3. Dr. Clark,
    To clarify what I meant by “not being functional,” the link opens in a new window, but the player is unresponsive (in either IE or Firefox).
    I was able to access the two episodes by going to the AGR link you provided. Thanks!

  4. Hi Scott,

    TRIED to listen the player is there
    Does Not Work! sorry to say.
    Would very much like to hear it.

    good day in Him

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