What Was A Comedy Sketch Is Now Daily Life In The USA

Time For Another American Revolution?

HT: Jack Miller

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  1. [To the melody of “Precious Memories”]
    Prescient memories, how they startle
    So depressing, sickly droll
    Good is evil, evil’s dandy
    Come, Lord Jesus, take my soul…

    MORE prescience from James Michener’s “The Source” — spoken by a Muslim archaeologist character to an Israeli Jew (Holocaust survivor) and American Catholic:

    “…Judaism had its day, and if the Jews had been smart, when Christianity came along they’d have joined up. Christianity has had its day, and if you were intelligent you’d both join the newest religion. Islam!” He bowed low and said, “Soon all Africa will be Islamic. And all Black America. I see India giving up Hinduism while Burma and Thailand surrender Buddhism. Gentlemen, I represent the religion of the future. I offer you salvation.”

    • I’m not so sure, Dan. The nation-state world order that resolved the Thirty Year’s War at the Peace of Westphalia has a beginning, a middle, and an end just like every other epoch of history.

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