Rosaria Butterfield’s Alternative To Revoice


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  1. Dr. Clark,
    Thank you for posting Rosaria’s talk – clear distinctions, practical statement of the Gospel, and winsome engagement regarding the nature of sin. Rosaria’s love for people displays through her presentation. Now I am faced with questions:
    Am I willing to depend on Scripture as the Truth?
    Am I able to listen and hear the considerations of people with sinful ideas and not confuse them with their sin?
    Am I able to be vulnerable about my sin and clear about Christ’s Righteousness imputed to me ?
    Am I willing to be hospitable in this process?
    Am I willing to be attacked and persecuted?
    Am I willing to engage the culture with the Truth of God’s Word, with love and kindness?
    I confess. Engaging the culture disrupts my comfort.

  2. Catherine,
    I find the distinction between the two kingdoms is helpful in answering those questions. Like when the Pharisees tried to trick Jesus with questions about paying taxes, and Jesus said they should give to Caesar (the civil authority) the things that belong to Caesar and to God the things that belong to God. Of course, giving to God what belongs to God always takes priority, so we obey God, even if it puts us in conflict with the civil authority, that is why there are the persecuted, and even martyrs.

    We also exist in a civil culture, which is also under God’s providence for the common good. So as long as it does not conflict with obedience to God’s spiritual commands, we do what is required of us to conform to the civil authority and culture, in good conscience that we are good obeying God as good citizens of both of the kingdoms that God has instituted in His providence.

  3. Two basic thoughts come to mind… what a tremendous gift and inspiration Rosaria is to the present-day Church at large, and, I’m increasingly grateful to no longer be associated with the rapidly deterorating PCA.

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