Heads (Or Ears) Up: Presbycast Tonight On The Open Letter And Reaction

I am scheduled to talk with Brad “Chortles” Isbell on the Presbycast this evening

about the upcoming PCA GA, the Open Letter and some of the reaction to it.

Confessional Concerns And Conflict In The PCA With Presbycast


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  1. This is a really important issue at a critical time. This letter is a 9th Commandment violation, disingenuous, and ought not to be treated as a benign ‘good faith’ gesture. Important to discuss: naivete, gullibility, and the importance of Watchmen to not be easily fooled. Ma 10:16 is helpful here. This similar ‘anonymous’ tactic was used in 2020 by the unspecified “PCA Coordinators and Presidents”. That letter effectively impugned the good name of all of us PCA members, yet without proof, specificity, or even the courtesy to sign their names. This 9th Commandment violation was also never dealt with as far as I know.

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