Discovering The Reformed Confession Across The Globe

The HB receives email and comments from across the globe on a regular basis. Two comments came in yesterday that were particularly poignant. Please pray for the spread of the gospel and the Reformation across the globe and especially in oppressed nations.

  • From China Allen writes: “ Greetings from China! I am also studying Reformed theology. Churches in China are controlled by the Communist Party and Reformed theology is not welcome. It is hard to find a Reformed church here.”
  • From Colombia, Jesús writes: “ Brother, Scott, I have enjoyed so much the reading of your blog these past months. Reformed theology has been such a blessing! I have been part my whole of a charismatic, arminian, baptist, moralistic and therapeutic kind of church. All the sermons tend to be about how to build successful careers and other things related to that. But now I know that Church is, or at least, should be heaven on earth, mount Zion as Hebrews says. I used to be anxious all the time because I couldn’t hear God’s still voice in my devotions, but now I know that God is where He has promised to be, His word, law and gospel, and sacraments. I used to believe that protestants who baptised their children as infants weren’t reformed enough! What a mistake! Now I know God has graciously welcomed believers’ children into his Church and what a comfort it is! God has never changed and His promise to be Our God and the God of our children is forever! Sadly, for me, there are no reformed churches in the city of Colombia where I live, so if I get married and have children, I won’t be able to see my children baptised. It’s really heartbreaking! Pray for me and my country that God in his mercy send faithful men to plant reformed churches, where psalm be sung, his word rightly divided, his sacraments administered purely, all for His Glory! I really wanna be part of that! God bless your for everything you have taught me dr Scott! Sorry for any mistake in my English.”


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  1. In some parts of Colombia there are communities rising up. Perhaps, if Jesus indicates the city he could mention some communities that I know. Soon, a work based on the recovery of the reformed orthodoxy will be planted in Medellín.

  2. What about underground churches in China that as the best of my knowledge most are Reformed?

  3. What about underground chrches in China? I got information somewhere most of these churches are Reformed and growing despite being persecuted

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