Confessional Concerns And Conflict In The PCA With Presbycast

As always good, Presbyterian, fun was had with PCA Ruling Elder Brad “Chortles” Isbell and Wresbyterian on Presbycast last night as we discussed the Open Letter, the essay by the founder of the National Partnership, and the status and function of the Standards in the PCA ahead of the upcoming GA.

Here is the audio.


Here is the HB media archive.

Here are the two HB posts we discussed:


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  1. Worthwhile discussion that helps clarify the SSA issue roiling the PCA, not to mention some interesting asides! Thanks to the three contributors.

    • Scott, you mentioned Rosaria Butterfield in the discussion. This seems on point:

      “We are called to repent of the original sin that distorts us, the actual sin that distracts us, and the indwelling sin that manipulates us. This is a high and hard calling. —Rosaria Butterfield

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