With Presbycast In The Cantina On Common Grace, Nature And Grace, Eschatology, And Christian Liberty

The Presbycast guys are at it again, this time they have set up an online Star Wars Cantina. It is a rough neighborhood but they took good care of me and I escaped unhurt. I cannot speak for all the other guests however, among them D. G. Hart. We were discussing Star Wars, Common Grace, and Runzas. Goofiness aside, we did discuss some important topics, e.g., what a post-Covid world might look like (e.g., what changes from the Covid regimes might persist post-covid?), should the visible church be able to regulate social media use by church officers? What should we think about the new heavens and the new earth? Are the Kuyperians right about their speculations concerning the flourishing of culture in the new heavens and the new earth and if so, how do we reconcile that expectation with 2 Peter 3 and Belgic Confession art. 37? What should we think about common grace? How should we relate nature and grace?

Here is the episode audio in its native habitat.

For future reference, here is the HB audio archive.


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