Time Is Running Out To Get Your Heidelcall On Episode 152

I hope to record Heidelcast episode 152 tomorrow, Dv. I have some excellent calls, as always but just in case you were thinking of calling or sending in a voice memo for the program here is your notice that the clock is ticking. Call the Heidelphone at (760) 618-1563 or send a voice memo to heidelcast at heidelblog dot net. If you have an iPhone just say, “Hey Siri, record a voice memo” and she wall open the voice memo app. Hit the red button and start talking. When you are done, hit stop. On the left tap the three dots and there is the “share” function. Hit share, then tap your email and send it to the show. This has worked well so far. The audio quality is great. Some listeners type out their question ahead of time so they remember what they wanted to ask. Do not worry about flubs or noise. I can fix usually fix it.

Which book are we giving away this time? It is Faithful and Fruitful: Essays for Elders and Deacons. Yes, the subtitle says that the book is for elders and deacons and some of the chapters are intended for them, but there are a number of essays that apply directly to all Christians, e.g., on prayer, catechesis (Christian instruction), witness, taking care of and evaluating pastors, how to serve on a search committee, on congregational singing, and promoting the work of missions. We will send a copy to one of the callers on tomorrow’s episode so load up that phone line or send in your voice memo.

Thanks for listening.


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