Heidelcast 151: Christ, Culture, And Covid-19

The Covid-19 Shutdown of 2020 has begun to produce a reaction, at least in the USA. Recently we have seen demonstrations large and small in several states and particularly here in California. The various orders issued by governors, mayors, and county executives to restrict movement has produced a degree of confusion. Judges have either overturned or restrained temporarily some stay-at-home orders as too sweeping or, in one case that we are considering in this episode, as inequitable. Some Christians are calling on the church as an institution to speak up and at least on Reformed congregation has practiced civil disobedience. Hundreds of evangelical congregations have announced a plan to practice civil disobedience on May 31, 2020, in defiance of the governor’s orders against holding in-person worship services. When does the church, as an institution, have a right to defy civil authorities and how do Scripture and history help us to think through the issues? These are the questions we are considering in today’s episode.

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  1. A very good, thoughtful analysis. Historically, our Fathers operated by the simple formula that our support of government was based on the guarantee of our worship and culture, and government in those days, when order was needed, frequently called us out to insure that order was kept. Nowadays we “keep order” at the ballot box, but the fact that “elections have consequences” seems to be lost on most.

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