Boston: Sanctification Through Faith Alone Is A Gospel Mystery

The gospel method of sanctification, as well as of justification, lies so far out of the ken of natural reason, that if all the rationalists in the world, philosophers and divines, had consulted together…” Thomas Boston, Preface to The Marrow of Modern Divinity, to lay down a plan for repairing the lost image of God in man, they had never hit upon that which the divine wisdom has pitched upon, viz: that sinners should be sanctified in Jesus Christ (1 Cor 1:2), by faith in him (Acts 26:18); nay, being laid before them, they would have rejected it with disdain, as foolishness (1 Cor 1:23).

Thomas Boston, “Boston’s Preface” in The Marrow of Modern Divinity (Ross-Shire, UK: Christian Focus, 2009), 31. (HT: Joshua Waulk)


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