The Marrow On Antinomians

And are there not others, though I hope but a few, who being enlightened to see their misery, by reason of the guilt of sin, though not by reason of the filth of sin, and hearing of justification freely by grace, through the redemption which is in Jesus Christ, do applaud and magnify that doctrine, following them that do most preach and press the same, seeming to be, as it were, ravished with the hearing thereof, out of a conceit that they are by Christ freely justified from the guilt of sin, though still they retain the filth of sin? There are those that content themselves with a gospel knowledge, with mere notions in the head, but not in the heart; glorying and rejoicing in free grace and justification by faith alone; professing faith in Christ, and yet are not possessed of Christ; these are they that can talk like believers, and yet do not walk like believers; these are they that have language like saints, and yet do have conversation like devils; these are they that are not obedient to the law of Christ, and therefore ae justly called Antinomians.

—Edward Fisher, The Marrow of Modern Divinity, 41.

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