A Listener Explains The Benefit Of The Heidelcast Series On Nomism And Antinomianism

Dear Brother

I want to thank you. Here, where I live, it is not easy to get Reformed teaching but thanks to technology I have been able to listen to the Heidelcast; specifically to the series on the Marrow of Modern Divinity. It has been a struggle for me to understand my relation to the law as a believer and finally it hit me. What my Lord has done for me in his gospel is so great, so beyond measure that I could never repay Him. I have received such a gift and all I could want is to say “Thank You my Lord.”

In His law He tells me how to say thank you; How can I say thank You? By Loving Him and How do I show him my love? Obeying his commandments. Not as a means for gaining eternal life but as a result of having eternal life. Dr Clark, the good news of what He has done for me is a motivation for holiness stronger than any other I could think of. And that is why I am really thankful to God for your service through these means, I really don’t know what is like to be Reformed in North America but if it is as being Reformed in Colombia it can be pretty discouraging sometimes. I would like to encourage you my brother to keep up the good work, to contend for the faith and to keep on preaching His Law and His Gospel with clarity.

Carlos Aquilera



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