More Conference Audio: The Quest For Illegitimate Religious Experience

Here is the fourth installment of the audio from the conference, So You You Say You Want A Reformation? hosted by Bethlehem Bible Church in West Boylston, MA. This is one of the Saturday morning talks, on the QIRE (quest for illegitimate religious experience).

Here is the audio on the NoCo Radio (Mike Abendroth) site. Below is the HB media archive file.

Happy Reformation month!

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  1. You should edit the original post you linked to and add links to all these audio files, or find some easy way for us to find them all however we get here.

    Just my, overpriced, 2¢

  2. Dr Clark,
    I watched the Piper clip 2019 – this is very disturbing.

    What is your input on this?

    My being in a PCA church that advocates
    ALL his books in our library – Sure Piper says plenty of good things, but….
    People need to be made aware of Piper and DeYoung and how many others.
    And one wonders why we get so confused when this kind/s of teaching. It is getting to
    be to often.
    This is Why I listen and read the Heidelblog/Worlds Ruined/and a few other REF sites.

    AM very much enjoying your Canons of Dort articles/down loaded the whole set. THX!!
    Mike in AZ

    • Mike,

      I’ve been very public in expressing my concerns about John’s two-stage doctrine of justification. Like Edwards, who has influenced him greatly, he can sound orthodox and less than orthodox on justification. Like Edwards he is concerned that good old-fashioned Reformation teaching doesn’t produce sufficient sanctity and obedience.

      It may be that there are congregations where only justification is preached. I wonder if he could point us to very many of them. He worries that there’s not enough preaching about sanctification but in my travels and experience I have the sense that there’s a great deal of preaching about sanctification and relatively less about justification sola gratia, sola fide.

      If John knew more about traditional Reformed theology and about the Reformed confession he would know that we have always taught that we are justified in order that we might be sanctified. Christ obeyed for us that we might become obedient.

      Of course, I’m deeply dissatisfied with “Christian hedonism.” I dislike it as much as I dislike “Christian Platonism” or “Christian Epicureanism.”

      I quite doubt his claim that there are “hundreds of commands” in the NT. The Apostles repeat and explain the moral law, but because he doesn’t seem to understand that continuity of the covenant of grace (he is a Baptist after all) he can’t see that the moral law is really very simple: love God with all your faculties and your neighbor as yourself. The law of Christ is nothing new. It’s the moral law.

      His complaint about an “artificial law/gospel distinction” is nothing but caricature. He doesn’t seem to understand what the law/gospel distinction is or says. Distinguishing law/gospel properly leads to sanctification. Confessional Reformed folk believe, confess, and teach the 3rd use of the law. He doesn’t seem to grasp or appreciate that.

      He is still Daniel Fuller’s student. He’s still fighting the Sandemanian antinomians.

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