Top Ten Posts Of 2020: Happy New Year From the Heidelblog

Happy New Year from the Heidelblog. Whether we think about civil politics, Covid-19, or doings in the broader evangelical world, 2020 is not a year we will soon forget. This is the 13th year of the Heidelblog (including its progenitor) and the top posts this year reflect the year that was.

Thanks to the more than four-hundred thousand Heidelblog readers in 2020 and to the thousands of you who listened to the Heidelcast. You downloaded posts, pages, and podcasts over 1,000,000 times. Since 2012 the Heidelblog has had more than 6.2 million views. I am deeply grateful to those who donated (see below) to help keep the HB available. Thank you.

As always a heartfelt thanks to the Wonderful Wizard of Web, whose remarkable and skillful work keeps the HB functioning. On the Heidelblog alone there are nearly 6,400 posts to manage.

Thanks to all the Heidelcast listeners. The Heidelcast has been in production since 2009 but we have only had access to our download statistics since 2012. Since then we have had 459,588 downloads (that is 112,195 downloads in 2021).

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The Most Downloaded Posts Of 2020 (Published in 2020)

  1. Another Famous Evangelical Apostatizes: What Does It Mean?
  2. Should You Give Yourself Communion At Home?
  3. “American Gospel: Christ Alone” Is Now On Netflix
  4. On Cancelling Services And Holding Devotions At Home On The Christian Sabbath
  5. Of Masks And The Weaker Brothers
  6. What God Is Telling Us Through The Corona Virus
  7. Orthodox Presbyterian Pastors And Elders Speak Out Regarding The Genevan Commons Facebook Group
  8. Kirk Pulls Publicity Stunt. Social Media Falls For It: No Religious Liberties Were Harmed During The Filming Of This Commercial
  9. There Is Another Way: A Response To Francis Chan
  10. Between Conscience And Defiance: Questions For Grace Community Church


  1. The Heidelcast
  2. Trueman: What “Big Eva” Is And Why It Matters To Reformed Churches
  3. Covenant Theology Is Not Replacement Theology
  4. Resources On Lent
  5. The Coming Attack On Homeschooling And Educational Freedom?


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