Labor Day 2018: Fun In The Sky And On The Water In An ICON A5

Scott in the ICON A5 at Montgomery Field, San Diego

Longtime readers of this space will know that I am a flying enthusiast. Climbing into a cockpit and flying a plane is something wonderful. I have been in a couple of small planes beginning in Shafter, CA in 1986 and again flying into the old Miegs Field in 1994. A decade ago (has it really been that long?) I had the privilege of spending some time in an F-18 simulator with Maj. Chad Van Someren. In 1992 or so I got to play in the B-1B simulator and cockpit with Air Force Captain Scott Marble. Today, thanks to Noah Collins, an elder at Christ URC in Santee, a retired naval aviator, and a member of the ICON team, I got to go up again. He took me up over San Diego and a certain novice might even have had the stick for a while as we made our way south along the coast and even for one of a couple of “touch and goes” off the water off San Diego. We also  landed on the water, sat for a bit, and then took off again. On the water the ICON A5 becomes a boat from which one can swim, fish, or dive. It is a remarkable aircraft. The aerodynamics are very good. It handles like a dream. Indicators are clear and well designed. The wings fold up for transport and it is so light that Noah pulled the plane out of the hanger with one hand.

What a lot of fun on a beautiful sunny day over (and on!) the water in San Diego. Thanks Noah!

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  1. I’m jealous you took off from Montgomery Field! I used to live in Serra Mesa. I moved from Mira Mesa almost 40 years ago.

    • Its top speed is about 120 MPH (ground speed) with a range of about 350 miles. It’s not really intended for travel exactly. At top speed we would have to stop every 2 hours to refuel. It would take a while to get to Hillsdale, MI from San Diego. That would be quite the adventure.

  2. Purely coincidence, I’m sure 😉 , but a large sidebar ad for the ICON showed up on one of my other frequently visited websites this morning… but I must say, it beats most of the other “targeted” ads I see. Pretty machine.

  3. I’m sure he means it as an exaggerated, typological hyperbole. A “bombing run” of visiting his friendship upon him.

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