Resources On Church Growth And Ordinary Means Ministry

  1. Idols of the Minister’s Heart: The Killer Bs—Buildings, Bodies, and Budgets
  2. What If “Church Growth” Methods Were Built On A False Premise?
  3. Video: Bob Godfrey on Church Growth
  4. Church Growth Is Dead
  5. The Five Points Of A Calvinist (On Having A Care For Visitors)
  6. Growing Reformed Churches: Doing The Simple Things
  7. The Next Church Growth Trend?
  8. Easter: The High Holy Day In The Church Growth Calendar
  9. Is Efficiency A Virtue In The Church?
  10. Growing Reformed Churches: Doing the Simple Things
  11. A Partim…Partim Response to Zerochurch
  12. Ministry Is Not Mastery
  13. Death For Success
  14. “Jackson, Unto” And “Toward” in Ephesians 4:11–12, And Every Member Ministry
  15. A Seventh-Century Opinion On Every-Member Ministry
  16. Strategic, Authentic, And Confessional (1)
  17. Strategic, Authentic, And Confessional (2)
  18. Strategic, Authentic, And Confessional (3)
  19. Ministers All?
  20. Hodge On Every-Member Ministry (Ephesians 4:12)
  21. Does Acts 8 Provide a Warrant for Every Member Evangelism?
  22. From MLM To The Freedom Of The Christian
  23. Missional Monday: Should Evangelism Happen Only in the Church?
  24. Missional Monday: Easter, the High Holy Day in the Church-Growth Calendar
  25. Missional Monday: Who Has the Keys?
  26. More Audio: On Being Missional, Reformed, and Foolish
  27. Church Growth, The Theology of the Cross, and the Theology of Glory
  28. Seeker, Franchise, Or Reforming: Moving Beyond Some Current Models In Reformed Church Planting To Recover The Whole Mission
  29. John Owen Vs The Church Growth Movement
  30. Good News For The Reformed Churches: Small Is In Again
  31. Heidelcast 211: Our Father (2): Since God Is Sovereign, Why Pray?
  32. On “Meta” Ministry, Docetism, VR Church, And The Communion Of The Saints
  33. Riddlebarger On The Reformed Altar Call
  34. Canons Of Dort (5): God Ordains Means To Call His Elect
  35. Canons Of Dort (22): The Application Of Redemption Is A Mystery Wrought Through Means
  36. Canons of Dort (23): God Not Only Sovereignly Gives New Life But He Uses Means To Do It
  37. Review: Redmond, God of the Mundane: Reflections On Life For Ordinary People
  38. Good News: Millennials Like Substantive Sermons
  39. Office Hours: Horton On The Ordinary As An Alternative For Young, Restless, Radical Christianity
  40. Parachurch Or Pastoring? (Part 1)
  41. A Case for the Ordinary Means of Grace and the Marrow Controversy
  42. The Evangelical Fall From The Means Of Grace
  43. Office Hours: Sanctification And The Means Of Grace
  44. Prayer As a Means of Grace
  45. Seeker, Franchise, Or Reforming: Moving Beyond Some Current Models In Reformed Church Planting To Recover The Whole Mission
  46. Of Church Names, Christ, And Culture
  47. Secular When It Should Be Sacred
  48. The Church Growth Ethos, Presbyterians, & Narcissism

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