Eugene Reformed: A New Confessional Reformed Congregation Forming In Oregon

Eugene Reformed is a Reformed Bible study in Eugene, Oregon gathering with the intention of planting a confessional Presbyterian or Reformed church. They meet each Thursday evening from 6:30–8:30pm at the Gainsborough Community Clubhouse, 2555 Lansdown Rd. Eugene, OR 97404 (Gainsborough is a gated community). They are currently studying the New Testament book of 1 Peter. The study is led by Pastor Steve Baugh (Professor Emeritus of New Testament, Westminster Seminary California) and an ordained minister of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC). You can find Eugene Reformed on Twitter. Contact them directly. About this work, pastor Brett McNeill says, “We want to start a Christ-preaching, Christ-centered, Christ-honoring church because such a church is a thing of beauty.”


The HB spoke with Jeanine Smith, a member of the Bible Study, to find out more about the work.

So, you are holding a Bible study. What are you studying and why?

We are a group of believers who have a desire to see a confessional reformed church in Eugene, Oregon. We haven’t seen one in this area for as long as I can remember. God has kindly provided Steve to minister the Word to us each Thursday evening. Presently we are studying 1 Peter! Not only are we getting to explore the riches of Scripture, but also have the confessions woven within the study. (Usually to help answer any questions that come up.)

How did the study begin?

The study began when a couple of families were exploring “How does one go about starting a Reformed church if there isn’t one in the area?” We visited the nearest OPC in Corvallis (50 minutes away) to ask this question. Steve and Kathy Baugh had just recently moved to the area and were excited to see there was interest in Eugene. Steve met with us a few different times to pray and see if we were interested in beginning the process of exploration in Eugene. We did and had an information meeting on December 8, 2022 in Eugene called “What is the Reformed Church?” where Steve gave a brief presentation of the OPC.


Who is involved in the study?

We have different aged families both older and younger! Mature, middle-aged, young adult, and kids.

When did you start?  

The first study began January 5th!

Is there anything a potential visitor needs to know before he comes? What should he bring? Is there any cost?

All are welcome to visit! Bring a Bible. No cost.

Why are you holding the study? What do you hope will come of it?

It’s exploratory to see if there are others with a desire to have a Reformed church in Eugene. We hope to become part of the OPC or URCNA.



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