The Establishment Principle

In my mind, the Old Testament model of theocracy doesn’t clearly correlate with the New Testament or Apostolic Church practices, or even the Patristics for that matter, which suggests that applying Old Testament concepts to Christian statecraft might be anachronistic or misguided. . . . Continue reading →

The Early Church Fathers On The Anti-Christ

The earliest Christian documents which mention the Antichrist contain slight theological reflection, apart from a brief mention of him in connection with a particular biblical passage. Over time, the short-shrift given him begins to change. Some tie Antichrist to heresy (appealing to . . . Continue reading →

Engaging Confessional Baptists on Covenant Theology (Part 2): Unity of Salvation in the Old and New Testaments

This two-part series engages recent confessional Baptist publications on the nature of covenant theology in order to help Reformed readers understand the Baptistic view better and to have some starting points for responding to it. Part one looked at new developments in . . . Continue reading →

Engaging Confessional Baptists on Covenant Theology (Part 1): Typology

The elephant in the room of any discussion about the development of redemptive history is the disagreement between Baptist and Reformed theologies about the unity of the covenant of grace, including the whole language of the covenant’s substance and administration. Continue reading →

On This Date: Tyndale Martyred For The Gospel

William Tyndale (c.1494–1536) was one of the most important figures in the English Reformation. He not only helped to transmit to the English-speaking world Luther’s rediscovery of the gospel of free acceptance with God for the sake of the imputed righteousness of . . . Continue reading →

Get This Outstanding Book FREE

When, in 1994, Carl Trueman kindly invited me to co-edit Protestant Scholasticism: Essays in Reassessment there was no such modern introduction to what had long been a forgotten or misrepresented period of Protestant theology. Since the publication of PSER (1998), there have . . . Continue reading →

An Annotated Reformed Reading List (Updated)

From time to time students ask what books must they have in their libraries before they leave seminary. This list contains my suggestions. This could be much longer, but it would be less useful. Since I teach historical theology, this list is weighted with those sorts of texts. Continue reading →

It’s Here: Muller on Calvin and the Reformed Tradition

This is going to be fun. Anyone who is interested in the history of Reformed theology, in finding out what the classical Reformed authors (of which Calvin was one) actually said, must get to grips with the work of Richard Muller. By . . . Continue reading →