Heidelcast 39: Confessional Church Planting In Cincinnati

An important part of recovering the Reformed confession is calling the churches back to our theology, piety, and practice. Church planting is a part of that practice. We’ve always been “missional.” We were missional before there was a cool word for it. We were planting churches, seeking to bring the gospel to Europe and the British Isles when the faith and practice of the church had been gravely corrupted by innovation and error. Has that mission also been perfectly conceived and executed? No, but the seeds of future, more expansive, global missions were present from the beginning. In the 20th century, the war between the fundamentalists and modernists was initiated over a missions board. Modernism greatly weakened the church and her global witness to the law and the gospel. In our late modern age the obligation of the church remains. The need remains. The call remains: preach the gospel and to make disciples. So, it’s exciting to see the number of new congregations being planted by the confessional Reformed churches in North America. Today, we’re talking with Zac Wyse about his work planting a new congregation in Cincinnati, OH. We’ve been covering this work here and here.

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