Want to Help Plant a Reformed Congregation in Cincinnati?

Guest post by Zac Wyse. Zac is is an Ohio native and intern at Oceanside United Reformed Church. He spent 5 years working with Christian university fellowships in Europe and is pursuing an M.Div. at Westminster Seminary California. He blogs at Cincinnati Reformed . . . Continue reading →

Progress In Cincinnati

Guest post by Zac Wyse, who is a licentiate in the United Reformed Churches. He’s a recent WSC graduate and he’s planting a new congregation in Cincinnati. § We are a new church that belongs to a growing federation called the United . . . Continue reading →

On Catechetical Preaching

The reason this is a wonderful practice is that this type of preaching demonstrates the unity of Scripture. In reality, different texts from various authors and generations testify to a unified body of truth. This manner of preaching ensures that we develop . . . Continue reading →

Is Your Church Preparing You For Trials?

There was once a time that we lived “normal” lives. We Americans could have been excused for thinking that life was all about creature comforts. Many of our churches even reflected and encouraged this in their teaching and worship. Living your “best . . . Continue reading →